June 24, 2018
3 months and 6 days left
until our celebration.
Welcome to our reunion's official website!

It is extremely exciting to think that we are finally creating today what will be a fabulous family reunion in 2018. The venue promises to be over the top in terms of beauty, fun, and variety of activities for everyone. We have plenty of time to plan and make it worthwhile so please feel free to share your great ideas on this website or its link to Facebook.

To the right, you will see a vertical list of pages that help you navigate to various topics of the reunion. You can enjoy discovering what Big Cedar Lodge has to offer, double check weather, RSVP, see who's coming, find addresses/emails, and enjoy seeing the family tree.

You all have permission to help add to the website by updating your personal profiles, adding pictures, developing a family trivia quiz, polling those coming about preferred activities, and messaging each other to organize the reunion.

The steps are easy:
1. Click on the "Family" page
2. Add to your profile including your favorite picture
3. Confirm a username and password
4. Press submit and you're good to go
5. Now you can upload a quiz question, picture into your family's photo album, update travel information, add important calendar dates, and message each other for committee work.

Facebook's link to our reunion page is great to send/receive quick blasts of information, promote easy communication or questions, and another way to send photos, videos, or stories.

As more people update their info into the website, the more helpful and engaging it becomes, so go for it! 
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